Adjusting for Your New Country By Lorraine Penn

It is 40 years since my husband immigrated as a qualified Aeronautical Engineer to Australia from Egypt. However at the time of his immigration aeronautical engineering was not a skill in demand.

As a migrant, who suffered a lot as a young man with big ambition, he could not assimilate into the community with his limited resources to achieve his ambitions in this new chosen country.

His only survival was to accept any type of work to gain an income, a taxi driver, steel fabrication detailer, design drafting, but not anything using his qualified skills.

He wished then and now that the Federal Government processed people who immigrate to this vast country with a more adequate system of skills suitability assistance and guidance as to where to live and work using their life’s skills. Not everyone can and should be placed into Sydney.

For him to be recognised as an engineer in his new country, Australia, he had to sit for an exam with The Institute of Engineers, and then complete his Masters of Engineering Science, which he did and therefore achieved adjustment of his skills to meet his new country’s demand.

Forty years on and his wishes for a better system of assimilating migrants into this country have not been effectively achieved.

in Boambee East, New South Wales, Australia


Born in Kogarah, NSW semi-retired on the North Coast where I am giving back to the community as a mentor, board director, former president of Coffs Harbour Writers Group & turning my life into a book.

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