Grand final day By Kym Allen

There is no greater day on the calendar than the last day in September. The Australian football leagues grand final!

More often than not it is a beautiful sunny spring day, the smell of freshly cut grass in the air, often mixed with the sweet aroma of snags cooking on the barbie.

Beers are usually cracked pretty early, good mates are always close by, and a half time kick of the footy in the middle of the street is mandatory.

My favourite part of the day is when the final siren sounds, and the pure elation which is obvious from the 22 playing winners. The hundreds of thousands of supporters feel that similar joy after they have been riding the bumps with their team all day. Conversely, the opposition is inconsolable. To them it feels so close, but oh so far.

It is a wintery day in Melbourne today, but come 5:15, the sun will on the hawks or the swans, and history will have been written.


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