Drunken Decisions By Kyle Michael Saunders

One ominous night out on the town with my friends turned out to be one I will never forget.

After a few hours at a friend’s place for a pre-drinks session we headed off to the infamous “Hatfield Square”, a popular party spot where university students met up most Thursday evenings. We decided to make the responsible decision and drive together in one car with our non-drinker friend as the driver and were lucky enough to fit everyone into one car.

We arrived at Hatfield Square and several hours passed with many alcoholic beverages being consumed until finally, home time arrived. Now being a student hang out it is inevitable that you will meet up with other friends somewhere during the course of the evening and this night was no different.

We met up with a few friends who didn’t have a lift home and without thinking offered up a couple spaces in our already full car. This created a problem that could only be solved by someone spending the trip home in the boot of the car. I decided this wasn’t such a bad idea and volunteered. Little did I realise the trip was quite a long one that consisted of several drunken stops including the clichéd 4am McDonald’s meal. Quite lucky as all the bumps and stops had made me want to get rid of the alcohol consumed and unfortunately McDonalds seemed the best option. I ran to the bushes, only to find the other passengers all doing the same as me. Once we were all finished we made our way home and somehow I survived a trip in the boot...

in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa


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