Top Bunk Bottom Bunk By Katie Hendra

Part of the fun of travelling is meeting new people, and what better way to do so than in a mixed dorm? Unfortunately, what with not being able to vote people in an out of your dorm big brother style you pretty much have to deal with what, or who, you are given.

One girl I met on somewhere on the East Coast of Oz seemed nice, slightly on the quite side but chatted the usual spiel of where are you going, how long have you been here for etc etc, over a schooner (smaller than average pint for higher than average price) of Strongbow with very little awkwardness. That was to be the last bit of no awkwardness between us.

That night I was shaken awake in my bunk by what initially felt like an earthquake, the whole thing was crashing against the wall and due to the lack of barriers holding me back from the concrete floor I tried to ride it out on the top bunk clinging to the bed head. Soon it dawned on me that I wasn't the only one getting a ride that night. After the ensuing noises from the bottom bunk died down, prompted I like to think by my very British tutting and cursing mumblings, the nice, quiet girl's visitor left. The next morning I naturally told everyone else in the room who was a much better sleeper than I was about the night's events, as it happens they had also been heard on the balcony too.

There are two points to this story: 1. doing that in a bunk bed in a dorm is just plain wrong and you will become an anecdote. 2. You really never know who you will meet travelling!


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