You Talkin' To Me? By Juvencio Santos

I was walking down the street and, as I stop at the traffic lights, I saw a guy I'd done some business with a while back.

I asked him how we was and he responded nonchalantly without turning to my direction. The lights turned green so we walked across the road and I thought I'd ask him whether another ex-colleague was back in town. Although he half looked my way this time, he gave a response indicating that he was and we kept on walking together.

So then I started explaining in depth how he'd done some work for me last year which wasn't so great and so forth.

This guy then turned livid and without looking in my direction, he angrily yelled out, "What are you talking about, answer me!!!"

I can be prone to losing my temper at times but this REALLY got me going. "This bastard's talking to me like this?" I then sped up a little, cut in front of him and stopped him in his tracks ready to confront him.

It was at that moment that I realised that he had been talking on his mobile phone - and that I had been talking to myself...

in Avenida Cristóvão Colombo, Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


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