The Not So Perfect Road Trip By Juilet W

Ah, the open road, wind in your hair, blue skies above and the radio cranking out your favorite songs. What could go wrong?

Answer One:
It was getting late, and we were hungry and trying to locate our hotel near Niagara Falls. There’s much debate about blame (Driver vs. Navigator) but a wrong turn was made. We encountered a road crew and plenty of detour signs, which led us across a teeth-rattling dirt road. But we were rolling along – momentarily – until we heard Pffffttttt.

Lesson: A new set of four tires makes an excellent souvenir.

Answer Two: After a visit to Colorado we were making our way back to Santa Fe. It was a lovely day with beautiful scenery, and we were making great time… until… “Honey, I can’t make the gas pump work.” I probably rolled my eyes.

I put down the map and got out of the car. I put the nozzle in the tank and squeezed. Gas came shooting back at me, splattering on my feet. Interesting to say the least.

We backtracked to a Ford dealership, then to another dealership, followed by a rental car office, before finally heading home. Those were excellent stops by the way, offering attractions such as burnt coffee and credit card bills. I only wished I’d captured them all on film.

It took three weeks for Suburu to figure out the problem, replace the entire fuel system and return the car to us. Note: The car was two years old.

Lesson: Never buy a Subaru.


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