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How to decide on your thesis’s structure Your thesis structure will be different depending on your location, area of study, field of expertise, and type of study.

In the realm of research, for example, a thesis is frequently constructed like a long essay that develops an argument in support of a primary thesis. Furthermore, with sections dedicated to various themes or case studies.

If you're conducting scientific or social science study, your paper should include all of the following elements. In some cases, they'll be different chapters; but they may also be combined. For example, rather than being divided into distinct sorts of qualitative social science research, the outcomes and discussion will be woven together in this case.

The order of sections in a document can differ from one field to the next and from one country to the next. Some schools, for example, advocate that the Conclusion come first.

Double-check with your organization's policies. Also, ask your supervisor if you're unsure how to structure your thesis or whether you should.

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