I slept in a bank By Ian Nuttall

My brother, a friend, and me had driven from our camp site in Newquay (a seaside town in the South of England) to a party in Truro one summer, and the only place to park was a big multi-storey - so that's where I parked.

We laughed, danced, and had a merry old time until the wee hours. 1am to be precise.

After a less-than-savoury kebab, we walked back to find that the car park was closed. Until 7am.


A taxi would have cost £50 and the same again to return, so that was out, my friend had no room at her house and it was FREEZING COLD.

What could we do?

Suddenly, an incredible idea hit me...

I pulled out my trusty bank card, ran over to the door of the local HSBC and swiped. The big door swung open and we were inside. With nobody inside or on the street, we settled down, warm at last, and slept for 5 glorious hours right there on the floor of the bank.

It was one of the most uncomfortable nights sleep of my life - but probably my favourite, too.

A street sweeper woke us at 6am and we ambled over to the local supermarket to wait out that last hour.

At 7am, we paid our £15 parking ticket and headed back to Newquay tired and achy, but with an epic story to tell. We actually spent the night in a bank! It's still one of the most hilarious stories in my arsenal to date.

I can only imagine what the bank manager and security staff though when they came in on Monday to the footage of three young men fast asleep right in their foyer!

in Truro, United Kingdom


I'm a 30 year old, married father of two who used to have a bit of a wild side. Calmed down now, but boy, do I have some stories to tell.

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