Straight, wavy, or curly: How to love the hair you have By Mobile Styles

My hair has always been difficult. When I was little it was extremely curly. My mother had to pin me down when she attempted to comb my hair because there were so many knots. I would scream in agony and always try to escape her grasp. As I got older, I learned that my type of curly hair was frowned upon. “Why don’t you brush your hair, it looks messy?” “Did you get in a fight with a brush this morning?”“Your hair looks dry, do you condition it?” All of these comments affected me. I was insecure about my hair and wished my mom would let me purchase a flat iron so I would look pretty & tidy. My sister had extremely straight hair. I wanted her hair. She was able to brush it without it becoming an inflated afro. Plus, she was able to glide her fingers through her hair without it knotting up. When I told my sister I was envious of her hair, her reaction surprised me: “WHAT? I’ve always wanted your hair. I curl it & it loses its spiral in 5 minutes. I have to wash it every day because my hair gets so greasy & I can’t even put it in a ponytail without the hair tie sliding out.” I realized that I should stop wanting what I don’t have and start loving what I have. Is my hair messy and easily tangled? Yes, but it’s mine and it deserves appreciation.
If you find yourself hating on your locks, stop and think why.Everyone has unique hair and once you learn to accept what you have you’ll realize your hair has been lovely all along. This article was brought to you by MobileStyles

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