Man up By Evan Hocking

I like to think of myself as a pretty manly guy. I play AFL football, I'm a tradie and I love having a beer with my mates at the pub.

So when I had to borrow my girlfriends car for a few days which is a 1998 Ford Fes. Well, it's a Ford Festiva but half the badge is missing. You can imagine the shame I felt driving round in this car which had fluffy pink seat covers and necklaces hanging from the rear view mirror.

I thought "Oh god. What must I look like hooning around in this car, how unmanly".

But then on the weekend while out for breakfast I order a pea and corn fritter with organic goats cheese and smashed avocado whilst wearing a scarf for fashion purposes.

If you told me 10 years ago I would be eating that for breakfast I would have said you are mad and sarcastically chipped in with "oh yeah and I suppose I'll be wearing a scarf as well......"

Driving my girlfriends care is the least of my worries.......

in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Got his start in radio in Port Douglas but has bought his punchy delivery and observational style back to Melbourne. A regular at sporting clubs and functions around Victoria.

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