I See Nothing. I Smell Nothing! By Darren Adams

I was happily sipping white wine and partaking of some hot nibbles before my flight in Garuda’s Dewa Lounge at Bali’s Ngurah Rai airport when there was a rather loud 'Bang' next to the drinks fridge. The staff studiously avoided the situation until a customer asked why the automatic coffee machine wouldn't work. Without looking in the direction of the machine Putu said, "Oh, out of order". Eventually a guy with ‘Electrician’ stencilled on his shirt arrived and unplugged, then re-plugged the power leads into an already blackened and melted power box. ‘Boom!’ again. "Mmm, he said, “... out of order now." Regrettably, I was therefore forced to drink alcohol instead of caffeine.

in Bali, Indonesia


Sensei. Sensemaker. Speaker. Darren speaks on Making Sense and Taking Action for Personal & Professional Success.

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