Travis almost got arrested By Christopher Jordan

You know that shit band Travis? "Hey! Ho! Look at ya now! Flowers in the window, such a lovely day..." Yeah man, those bunches'a douchebags. "And I'm glad ya feel this whhaaayyy." Jerks!

Right, bare with me and I'll explain why this is funny.

The main dude of Travis with the big head, probably called Travis, I dunno, showed up at the Fringe last year and started busking in the street. Now... everyone else there is a non-famous performer with a busking license. This dude had nae busking license. So two small girls working as Fringe stewards moved him along. (Away ye go, and take your 'flowers in the window' with ye!)

So bitch-tits Travis decides to capitalize on his 'ordeal'. Any hardcore Travis fans out there '.......' may recall a popular article about them trying to 'spread their music to the fans' and almost being 'arrested by Scottish police'.

.........Nahhhhhh man. I was there Travis. I ken what happened. There were nae police. You got moved on by a couple of girls and ran to the tabloids. Loser(s).

in The Fringe, Edinburgh


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