The BIG Comedy Club in Town By Christopher Jordan

This is an event that I should just let die and be forgotten with time, but fuck it.

Here in Post/Pre-Cameron's Britain, we have a way of doing things! If you wanna do stand-up here, you do the open mic circuit a few times, do a few sterile college nights, and wait 12-36 months for your big moment! 8 minutes at The Stand Comedy Club!

So about a year ago, I wrote to say I'd been on their waiting list for 2 years (it'd been about 7 months) and they gave me a spot at Red Raw on a Monday.

I got high before the gig, mingled with the other acts, did my good squirting midget-hooker material and ended with a bit about retarded people being racist. And like most of my gags, it got a mixed response. Some laughs, some gasps, some offended white people. I always upset white people.

In the end, I bombed and nobody wanted to be seen talking to me. My review said 'Stank of Ganja'.

in The Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


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