Blood (explicit content) By Christopher Jordan

I bleed a lot. It's weird, but no matter what I'm doing,, brushing my teeth, wiping my ass, shaving, shagging, shopping, sneezing, sleeping, vomiting, ...I always end up bleeding from one hole or another.

My guts suck! And I always had this nagging feeling I'm dying of some unknown thing since I was a kid, but eventually you put it to the back of your mind, and it becomes your driving force and it gives you the courage to GO to shows and restaurants and strip-clubs!

Oh yes! You'll WISH you'd went to the orgy when you're hit with a surprise installment of brain tumor. That trip to Amsterdam woulda been a sweet alternative to the visit to the goddamn doctors office. All that cunt did was TELL you you're dying of a fucking... thing! A thing that could PROBABLY be cured with weed by the way!

Nope! Fuck that! I wanna die surprised and hammered! I might have the intestinal track of a 60 year old, and teeth like the warnings on cigarette packets, and an ass-crack like an old fishnet made of razor wire, but I don't worry about death anymore because... I don't think I can die. Surely if I COULD die, I'd be dead already. My entire corpse has felt wrong and unnatural for years now, but somehow I keep waking up! Back to life and doing the same shit every night, like a terminator with a drinking problem.

Sadly, I'm invincible, until proven otherwise. But at least there's all the bad stuff in life to enjoy for the moment. Loosen up, be cool and have fun, 'cause fun gets old long before you do.

Take drugs at parties.

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BE WARNED! My views and opinions are not for everyone. You should avoid reading anything I write if you respect religion, tolerance, sobriety or general human decency.

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