Seriously? Is my *dog* pregnant? By Caroline Stone

Years ago I was a receptionist at an animal hospital. I received a call from someone with a very strong French accent. From what I could gather, he had a dog who was pregnant and he had a lot of questions about the pregnancy.

"When's the bitch due?", I asked, using proper canine terminology.

He paused then said, "Um...I think she's three weeks pregnant....Will the doctor be able to confirm that?"

I told him that the doctor could feel to see how many puppies were inside.

"Will the doctor help with the delivery?", he asked.

I replied with, "Usually most can handle delivery fine at home by themselves, but let us know if there is a problem."

He seemed confused so I suggested we book an appointment for him to meet the doctor.

"What's your dog's name?", I asked.

This time there was a bigger pause. "My dog????????"

It turns out he dialed the wrong number. He had been looking for an obstetrician for his girlfriend!!!

in Ottawa, ON, Canada


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