I'm hard work on work trips By Camila Santos Simmons

In my field, one of the highlights of work trips is that we always stay at awesome hotels that offer even better breakfasts. Before a very early start, we were off to the buffet in a dark morning at 5am in the middle of winter in Queenstown. The buffet was still quite empty as most people with common sense were in bed recharging their batteries for a day in the slopes.

I had the ingenious idea of putting together a slice of bread, butter and cheese straight into the toaster (the carousel kind, where the bread kind of spins and is delivered to you on the other end). To my dismay, the bread made it to the other side but not the cheese. I count my losses and went back to my table to savour my toast and in a matter of minutes there was a burning smell in the whole room, a few more minutes and the fire alarm went off.

They evacuated the whole room, then the whole hotel and the fire brigade turned up as well. Guests still in their night gowns and red eyes were shaking their heads when they heard the cause of their premature start of the day was a clumsy guest that decided to put some cheese in the toaster. Needless to say I never came forward and actually helped the cries of 'who was this idiot?', hoping they didn't have any cameras in the area.

in Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand


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