Come crash with me By Camila Santos Simmons

I love saving some dollars on air travel so that I can spend more money on cocktails with stupid names on arrival. It was with confidence that I opted to fly with a local budget airline to Cuba. Repeat with me: BUDGET airline in CUBA.

We were using said carrier to fly from Jamaica and, on the day before the flight, I had to go to the airport to withdraw some cash, so I decided to go on a meet and greet mission to find my airline and check on any updates. To my dismay, I had to speak with two different security people, one cleaner and someone at another airline before finding them, as nobody seemed to know who they were! At that stage I seriously thought I had been punk'd. Eventually some lady overheard my conversation and presented herself as check in staff for my airline, and told me to just rock up tomorrow and meet them, pointing to a general area where I would supposedly find some members of their staff.

Next day I did find them (phew), with an envelope with a PAPER TICKET for us. I hadn't seen one of those since I went on my gap year a hundred years ago.

More interestingly, it said we had "free seating" - yep, board and pick your seat. We were the last one to board and, interestingly, the last seats available were the exit rows, those ones we all fight for as they have more leg room. I was keen to work out why, and gave a light push to the emergency door, and it moved. I saw all my life before my eyes. How romantic/creepy/scary? Well, we came back to tell the story

in Kingston, Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica


Living life between Australia and Brazil, enjoying all things travel and writing at my blog.

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