Business Principles By Camila Santos Simmons

At a young age, I developed my first entrepreneur skills.

Like most kids who have done it, it always felt pretty awesome to earn a coin and go straight to the candy shop, without having to explain to ANYONE where I had spent that money! Early days of financial independence…

I tried my hand at selling greeting cards, raffles, teaching (my first student was 7 and I was 10 - but from this one I charged no money), making perfumes (yes), selling fruits and cakes made by myself.

My story today is about selling cakes. I made this perfect batch - perfect for a 12 year old, that is - and went out to the beach to sell them. This was at our holiday spot during school holidays and my father’s generosity with money was not enough for all that was on offer: amusement parks, ice cream parlours, and games arcades!

To put it in perspective, on the beaches in Brazil you will find a comprehensive array of goods being sold on the shores, from soft drinks to corn on the cob, beers, ice cream and even fashion. Talk about convenience! Between bathing and lying on the sand you quench your thirst from the comfort of your deck chair. It is a free country indeed, but what I didn’t grasp at first was an important market rule: know your opponents.

I was still in my first lap, approaching sunbathers with a smile and a 2-for-1 offer and I was making a good trade. But then I got pulled aside by this angry 40-something who warned me: “I will say it only once - I am selling cakes here and this is my turf. SO BEAT IT!”.

End of career, party in my house with a whole cake to share with my friends.

in Tramandaí, RS, Brazil


Living life between Australia and Brazil, enjoying all things travel and writing at my blog.

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