Brazilian girl meets Malaysian girl By Camila Santos Simmons

I love getting massages, so when travelling to Asian countries I may indulge on a nice massage every day.

On our trip to Sabah I had a quite...unique experience. I was with my husband Luke, so we were both ushered to the massage room where we could have it done together. For enhanced relaxation, the out of tune radio blasted some thumping Asian pop.

The two masseuses were very good friends, it seemed. There was a lot of gossiping, and judging by the laughter, they were having a great time. That day I also learned something about Malaysian culture: it's not only okay to burp in front of strangers. It's actually okay to burp in front of customers while half your weight is on their back. It was interesting to notice she had nothing to hide from me, she let a few ones go.

Oh, and the phones. I think they were getting lots of hits on Facebook! I wonder if they checked in and made comments about hating their jobs?

And then my masseuses order me to lie on my back. She started nicely working on my legs, and then stomach, and then the tits. Yes, the tits. It was so sudden and natural that I was paralised, I couldn't stop her. I was so self concious because I didn't want to be the stupid prude western that asked her to stop. Imagine that for a Facebook status? I was secretly hoping the other lady was not touching Luke's penis. I was also praying for her to not touch my nipples. For the record, she didn't.

Unfortunately this story was not exaggerated for comic effect.

in Sabah Malaysia


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