Tony Buzan, Mind Maps and Multiple Intelligences - Seven People That Changed My Life 7 By Bill Jarrard

I first started using Mind Maps in 1988, but it was 1993 when I read The Mind Map book and first learned of Tony, and began the real shift of my focus to Deliberate Creative Thinking.

Then when I introduced Jennifer to Mind Maps to help her study, the passion for Tony’s work took off. His methods made such a difference to Jen that in 1998, when I imagineered Mindwerx I did it in a Mind Map, and one of the key influencers in that was Tony Buzan, even though I knew little about him.

In 2000 on a trip to England Jennifer and I met Vanda North, then head of Buzan Centres and I suggested we start a Buzan Centre in Australia. We did just that the next year and it was about then I first met Tony.

We were at his studio in England overlooking the Thames countryside as he explained his writing process to me, and over a lovely lunch attended by Tony, Vanda, Jennifer, my son Will and myself; I knew Tony and I would be great friends.

And today we are. Not only has his work in learning how to learn and multiple intelligences significantly impacted hundreds of millions of people, it has heightened the mission Jennifer and I are on to promote creativity, innovation and advanced learning methods. We support Tony’s goal of Global Mental Literacy, and in so doing have worked with Tony around the world.

In the many hours and days Tony and we have worked and played together he has made a massive impact on our lives, and I believe we have also influenced his thinking.

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