Seven People That Changed My Life By Bill Jarrard

One’s life is in part shaped by people we meet, whether we realize it or not, and in an average lifetime of 25,000 to 30,000 days we will meet a lot of people. Some will have little influence on us, while a few will in some way change our lives.

In a series of stories I want to mention seven people that changed my life. Not that there were only seven, but because I want to write about this in sets of seven, and the challenge of narrowing it down to seven was an interesting challenge.

And so in future I’ll almost certainly write about Seven More People That Changed My Life. But to start, the first I’ll write about are: 1. My parents and our move to Australia 2. The girl on the beach in the summer of 1974 3. Alan my mentor and getting my fingers burnt 4. Edward de Bono and creative thinking as a skill 5. Bill Conway from TQM to Dr Deming 6. Jennifer my wife who told me no challenge is out of reach 7. Tony Buzan, Mind Maps and multiple intelligences

My hope in relating these stories is that I can once again appreciate and acknowledge those who have influenced my journey so far, and perhaps encourage you to reflect on those that changed your life. I may also do a full version of these as an eBook, so would value comments on that idea.

I’ll begin the first story in my next Byte Story entry.

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