My North End Years By Bill Jarrard

My North End Years

Dark and stark, remote and forbidding Ridden with crime and full of danger So said some, so said many - of my North End

A child, learning to learn and ready to race Arriving in a new world - wide, strange and entrancing Eager to explore, eager to embrace - my North End

Three years they lasted - too long for some, too short for one Three years of experience, action and wonder Three years with family, friends and foes - in my North End

Tears and smiles, fears and heroes, hates and loves - and Death So much fun, so much to come - in so short a time So much wisdom for one so young - from my North End

A world of change, a world full of life, a world of opportunity The school, the park, the alley, the house, the cinema, the store All were important places in this new world - in my North End

King Tut, Churchill, Kennedy, Cuba and the Soviets Aladdin and Sinbad, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans - and Zorro Heroes and villains - real and imagined - all part of my North End

Pals and parties, Cubs and Koombuyah, pirates in the park Surrounded by friends and foes - some strong, some weak My gang, their gang - ready to fight, ready to die - in my North End

A time to live, a time to try - all the time in the world A few short years, a great many experiences - a glimpse of life A time of wisdom, the best and worst time to live - my North End Years

Bill Jarrard, Sept 2002

in Winnipeg, MB, Canada


Founder Mindwerx International. Author, professional speaker, corporate trainer in Critical & Creative Thinking and Making Innovation Happen. COO at

Husband, Father, Grandfather

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