Before I die I want to… By Bill Jarrard

On a flight to Brisbane I watched a number of TED Talks, including the inspiring Candy Chang who shared her story of converting an abandoned house into a blackboard where people finished the phrase ‘Before I die I want to…’.

Then John Hockenberry summed his talk up with ‘A life with intent, lived by design, covering the original with something better’ to find a way to do something.

Lastly Garth Brooks sang Standing Outside the Fire ‘a life isn’t worth living, standing outside the fire’.

Made me think of my life and my intent, the people I’ve loved and love, the things I’ve done, the adventures I’ve had, the decisions I’ve made and the impact these had on where I am now and the people who’ve shared my life.

As Frank Sinatra sang ‘I’ve had regrets, but too few to remember.’ For me the future is what matters, and living life with calmness, love and respect for all is important. But being unafraid to take chances, try new things, and sharing experiences with others is what gets me up every morning.

I love the ‘work’ I do, helping others see the world differently, Imagineering outcomes, skilling them to think more deliberately and more creatively, and challenging the way things are done.

Before I die I want to make a difference. I want to give those I love and respect everything I can. And I want to find out what I’m going to do when I grow up. As if that’s ever going to happen. LOL

What do you want to do before you die?

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