So I decided to go blind for a few months... By Ashy Boy

I was 14. My mates & I bunked off school, and my mate decided to play hostage. i made a run for the front door, but he'd fucking locked it, so we couldn't even get out, and he hears me trying to leave his house, and comes bounding down the hall way. I leg it back in to the living room, and hold a vase up in front of my face, peaking round its curvy figure... the dickhead just dives in like he's some tiny twat Tom Cruise (he was a little prick just like him and all) and just shoots his GAS POWERED METAL BB GUN (!?) without even looking or aim.

In the most surreal calm and collect manner, i place the vase down in the centre of the table - bearing in mind my eyes are closed - walk calmly to the middle of the room, and just start head butting the sofa like mad - he'd shot me in the fucking eye.

Couldn't go home because we'd bunked off, so just had to stay at his so we didn't all get in trouble (which at the time was more important than my vision).

Got home "after school", mum goes "what have you done to your bloody eye??!" ..."got hit with a tennis ball?". Anyway, next day, vision is still fucked, and i'm panicking now, so i tell mum everything: "we bunked off and chris shot me in the eye mum! I'm sorry!" she goes "i know" and just drove me straight to hospital lol.

Anyway got there, they just gave me shit loads of drops for 6 months? vision slowly came back after about 3. they were concerned it was permenant, but as luck would have it, i'm all good. Moral? Mum's alright!

in London, United Kingdom


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