Late night skinny dip? Go on then. By Ashy Boy

Some friends and I decided to take a late night dip in the swimming pool. We were pretty drunk, and it was probably a little bit silly, but mum and dad were away, and it seemed like a funny idea despite the cold.

We get in (eventually) and someone proposes that since we cannot see eachother, we go al fresco!

So it's me, 2 girls, and we're daring eachother to get out of the water and use the diving board. Nobody wants to do it in fear of one of the others seeing more than they bargained (and more than willing to share).

Two of us got involved, and realised it was far too dark to really make each other out, never mind see any bits and bobs!

The last one (a girl) is still adement on staying in the pool. It took us about 10 minutes to convince her to give it a go. She eventually gave in, got on the diving board, but was scared of diving in. She slowly got in to the mood of it all though, and not long after was waving her arms about, letting it all hang loose and not giving one ounce of a shit... then BOOOF flood lights lit up the whole back garden like a christmas tree. Mum and dad walk out, and they heard so much commotion that they thought a fox had fallen in the pool and was drowning lol. I have NEVER seen someone try to cover themselves and jump in to water so quickly in my life; the most ungraceful flop i've seen to date and it was FUCKING hilarious. Fortunately for her, my parents didn't realise she or any of us were naked under the water... just us!

in London, United Kingdom


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