If you have a better TAG story, I'd like to hear it... By Ashy Boy

A friend had travelled a long way to come and stay with me for the weekend. We went out to a club one night, chilled out with red wine, and some friends another. Sunday came around, and she had to make the voyage home. I dropped her off at the local station at about 10am, and waited down on the platform with her for the next train. As she got on the train, she went TAG! and ran on giggling away to herself. We shared a daft grin as she sat down in her seat, and I stuck my tongue out only for someone else to think it was them and stick theirs back out at me... the silliness begins.

The trains are typically an hour apart from each other on a Sunday.

Sunday. God's day of rest. OR a great day to get on the next train???

Yeap... I did :)

Didn't even blink before I decided this was ACTUALLY happening. 2 & 1/2 hours later I'm in Birmingham, 35 minutes on a bus & a 10 minute walk more, and I'm ringing her doorbell trying to contain my stupidity (though failing because let's face it... I'm in Birmingham for the following reason!!!). She answers the door, absolutely shell shocked to see me stood there. I tagged her back, didn't say a fucking word, and went straight home on the next train, leaving her disarrayed while she quite literally rolling on the floor with equal parts confusion and laughter.

7 hour round trip for small practical joke? Worth every moment. ;)

And check this for a result, the first train home (had to get 3 ffs), they served beer... winning. Mine was a Stella.

in London, United Kingdom


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