The Commotion By Aminta Miller

'Are you ok?' I heard someone ask. What was going on? Who was asking that? 'What's wrong?' I asked, beginning to feel anxious.

I was lying on my back on a hospital bed. 'Stay still,' the female voice instructed, probably a nurse, 'don't try to sit up. Stay where you are.' What was happening? I still didn't understand.

Seconds, which seemed like minutes, hours even, passed as I waited for a response, what was going on? I took a deep breath and attempted to recall what could have happened. I remembered hearing a commotion... if I could isolate when that had happened, perhaps I could deduce what had happened.

Was it related to my operation? No, the doctor had said the Caesarian had been a success. I glanced down briefly to watch as the obstetrician concentrated diligently on stitching me back up.

My baby? I could hear crying, I looked over and could see my baby being examined. The paediatrician looked over, caught my eye and gave me a reassuring look.

At that same moment the nurse looked at me, smiled and said, 'he's ok.' Relieved, knowing the commotion had nothing to do with my baby girl, I asked, 'what happened?' 'He fainted!' My husband had passed out in the delivery room.

in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Loves living in the sun with her husband and two highly energetic kids. They are a (fabulous) handful.

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