Happily Ever After By Aminta Miller

"And they all lived happily ever after." I read. "What a wonderful story," I said to Darci, my two-year-old daughter as I closed the book and placed it on her bedside table. It had been a long day for both of us- work for me, daycare for her. We were both tired.

I lay on my stomach beside her on her bed, stroking her soft, blonde hair. Her big, brown eyes were blinking slowly as she tried to fight the inevitable sleep that was coming. It is impossible to describe the love that I felt towards her in that moment.

Looking at her I said, "You know what Darci? Snuggling with you is my favourite part of the day." She looked up at me, reached her hand out and touched my face. In that moment I knew she felt exactly the same... "Mum," she said, "I want you to go."

in Wavell Heights, Queensland, Australia


Loves living in the sun with her husband and two highly energetic kids. They are a (fabulous) handful.

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