In the 50's school days were pretty hard. We were not asked to do something, we were told to do it or suffer the outcome of our disobedience. It was early May and very cold, but the open air (unheated then) swimming pool was open for the summer. PT & swimming was obligatory at school and we were marched up to the pool for the lesson.
We were sent to the open air cubicles to change into our swimming gear, We were already cold and we had not even seen the water. We presented ourselves at the edge of the pool and watched as our breath was visible as clouds of steam, gingerly we tested the water, "Brrrr," it was cold but we took the plunge and jumped in. Being rebellious some of said no ways, not today, and we sneaked back to the cubicles got dressed and hid there until the lesson was over. We were of course discovered and we knew what the outcome would be. We were ordered to be at our teachers desk immediatley we got back to school, to receive our punishment. Six strokes of the slipper across our behind was the usual. We decided that to soften this we would put or wet trunks and towels down our trousers before the teacher arrived back. As each of us duly recieved the slipper, the teacher became aware that we had wet trousers and was worried and wanted to know the reason why. I THINK SHE THOUGHT SHE HAD DRAWN BLOOD. However we were found out and we then got our due punishment, in full, in front of the whole class. You can be sure we did'nt do that again!!

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