Life. She is good, yeah? By Steven J. Noridiculousmiddlenames Whiteley

So, let me get something straight. I love my life. My first couple of blogs had a very dark edge to them, and I've come to realise that they're almost depressing. This was not my intention, nor was it my mindset. I'm not depressed, nor even regretful about my life. Everything that has happened to me has made me who I am and has brought me to where I am now. And I love it. I'm surrounded by wonderful people and I'm blessed enough to be able to do the things I love. But I wouldn't be able to do those things if I hadn't been through my past. I also doubt that I'd appreciate them as much as I do. Without struggle, we can't embrace freedom. Without bad times, we can't recognise good times and without hardship, we can't appreciate how good life can be. And life can be great. Like it is now. Every morning I wake up next to the most amazing woman I've ever had the privilege to know. Anybody that has ever met her knows how incredible she is, and they constantly remind me of that fact. I go to work with a great bunch of people, and we do good things. Then, I get to climb on stage and surrender myself to the greatest feeling in the world, the knowledge that I'm making people laugh. That, for the fleeting time that I'm up there, I help them forget what depresses them. I remove them from this world and take them to a magical place where everything has a punchline. Everything turns out funny, and everything is okay. Without my darkness, I couldn't provide that light..

in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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