Being nocturnal By Steven J. Noridiculousmiddlenames Whiteley

I've always been a night person. I'm not a vampire, nor anything cool like that, I just prefer night to day. The world is a much nicer place at night. There are less people around, it's quieter and I can hear myself think. The temperature is usually much easier to deal with and I just find it much more soothing. I dislike the morning. So many people bang on about sunrises and the birth of a new day, and I'm sure these things have their merit in their own way, but it's just not my thing. I like the solitude of night. I enjoy the serenity that darkness brings. It's hard when you co-habitat with a "dawn-riser" as I do. Always trying to be quiet and sneak around so as not to wake them. Their sleep is precious, they have important things to do during the daylight hours. Things that can't be done during the hours that I like to keep. I respect that and I try not to disturb their (her) slumber. But give me the moonlight any day (see what I did there?). It's during this time that I can sit back, relax and focus on what I need to do. It's when I create, it's when I write, it's when I shine. I'll leave the daylight hours to you people that desire it. I'll get amongst it when I have to, but for now, I'll leave you to it. Then, the next time you see me on stage, doing what I do, know that these are my business hours. Your dinner is my breakfast, your laughter is my morning coffee, and your end of night chat is my lunch. I love my job, my girl, my family and my life...


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