A shot of London

As I stared at the male genitals drawn on my forehead, I am reminded of the tequila shots and Jager bombs I so graciously consumed the night before, their flavours still manifesting on my tongue....


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Tourists getting punk'd in Venice

I enjoy being a bystander in amusing situations. One highlight was when I was traveling in Venice. ...

Luke Simmons

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An Ill Wind (1964)

On an idyllic beach in Greece, my English friend and I were doing our best to impress two young German girls....

Dom Glassenbury

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Greece Rocks (1964)

A ferry from Brindisi (Italy) arrived at the first small Greek port where all traffic seemed to head north towards the Albanian border, away from our...

Dom Glassenbury

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Too much information

My friend Hannah and I were travelling the 'Gringo trail' in South America a few years ago and along the way we made a couple of travel companions Do...

Caroline Knight

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Penthouse Baby!

My friend Rob and I were trekking through Mexico and decided to spend a few days in Cancun when it ‘so happened’ to be Spring Break. ...

Craig Harrison

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