Sexy Eyes

My roomie tried to cook but couldn't turn the oven on - he accidentally left the gas on though.

On this very day as I tried to cook all I saw was ...

Debora Polto

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I Hate You. Period.

I wrote a song once called "I Hate You, Period"… but everyone thought I was singing the full stop. So I changed it to "I Hate Menses", so now it soun...

Jennifer Burke

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How Lucky is She? It's only a tumour!

You know the scenario. The 'inspirational' speaker is introduced. She has survived a plane crash, he’s lost 90 KGs and has now climbed Everest, he’s...

Bill Jarrard

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Getting robbed at knifepoint in Brazil.

It finally happened. After a combined total of 2.5 years living in Brazil, I got robbed last week. Yay....

Luke Simmons

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Festival Problems

My dick... is... the weirdest fuckin' thing you'll ever see on a human body, on it's best day! And I know all dicks look like shit, hanging outta you...

Christopher Jordan

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Remembrance Day 2013

Today is Remembrance day so I am republishing the following story I wrote earlier in the year. I am proud to have relatives who have served in severa...

Ron Hailes

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