Fat Chinas

So I was at a friends christening and have reached that stage in life where people look at you with sympathy or fear as you sit there on your lonesome! ...

Daisy Shepherd

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Drunken Decisions

One ominous night out on the town with my friends turned out to be one I will never forget.

After a few hours at a friend’s place for a pre-drinks...

Kyle Michael Saunders

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Last reunion

Reunion with loved ones is a very precious thing. The photo depicts my 84-year-old mother sharing a spa with her three daughters in Caloundra when we spent a wonderful 3 weeks together in 2001....

Deb Williams

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Geez yer money for charity. Irony.

I like charity. I give to charity but like everyone else I hate the harassment of it all. Whether it's on the street or being visually mugged of your...

Paul McDougall

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You Have the Right to Remain Terrified!

While driving to work this morning I saw a motorcycle cop, who was winding his way through a traffic jam on the freeway, yelling at people who were using their mobile phones....

Andy Thompson

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Dinner and a Show

I used to live near a KFC and was a regular customer at this franchise when I had a hangover, which was nearly every Sunday afternoon....

Andy Thompson

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