Bride Blown Away

Down by the water in Kelowna is a great location for a wedding so it was no surprise to see one there last week....

Daniel Newport

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Fat Chinas

So I was at a friends christening and have reached that stage in life where people look at you with sympathy or fear as you sit there on your lonesome! ...

Daisy Shepherd

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Drunk challenges, just say no.

I have drunk many times over the years. I've probably drunk all the drinks, or snorted or one time after watching Kevin n Perry I took vodka in the eye after being challenged....

Paul McDougall

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No Speak English

My inability to string 2 words together or construct a legitimate sentence whilst talking to a woman I’m royally attracted to, appears to be my own p...

Jennifer Burke

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Coming Out

Ever since I can remember I’ve been attracted to women, mostly cuz guys just put up less of a struggle....

Jennifer Burke

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Stiletto trailer

Here is something embarrassing that happened to me at my friend's wedding.

I went along with my husband and was having a great time....

Maria Santos

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