What happened to the Brown Dinner suit and the Bridesmaids

On February 5 we will celebrate 40 years since we walked down the aisle, Monica looking great with Bridesmaids and attendants, myself decked out in a...

Ron Hailes

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Ni**ergate (Adult Content)

Some people do comedy their whole lives and nobody notices, and in that respect I guess this was a great success....

Christopher Jordan

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Not Again

I froze. Something wasn’t right. I could feel a sharp panic rising in me as my chest grew tight, and my breath came in short, shallow gasps....

Dana Baunton

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The Kyle Joint

Once upon a time, I was drinking in the woods near my mums place, and this kid Kyle was with us. Kyle was (and probably still is) a bit of a maniac....

Christopher Jordan

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Day & Night

I had a moment when I was making the most of daylight savings by putting the clothes out on the line for my wife. At that point in time, she was putting our little one down to sleep. Fair enough......

Luke Simmons

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The BIG Comedy Club in Town

This is an event that I should just let die and be forgotten with time, but fuck it.

Here in Post/Pre-Cameron's Britain, we have a way of doing th...

Christopher Jordan

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