Beating the Bro

I don't always get to stay in hotels. Hostels & sofa's maybe, but hotels are expensive man! But a month ago I was at a fancy hotel with my wee brothe...

Christopher Jordan

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I've always wanted to fuck a black chick. I just do. Some people have goals and aspirations. They want a promotion, or a qualification, or to visit Italy....

Christopher Jordan

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But it said Unisex

On our way back home today we stopped on the Western Highway as I needed to go to the loo and fancied a coffee. Into the BP service centre I found the door to all toilets and showers....

Tina Gale

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Dean's Revenge

I was recently in the Northern New South Wales town of Murwillumbah. The town had recently suffered its largest flood in living memory and I was assisting with some flood insurance claims....

Andy Thompson

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The Chick I Punched

Disclaimer: I was a child when this happened, and I've only ever hit 1 girl in my entire life. ....well 2, technically....

Christopher Jordan

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What happened to the Brown Dinner suit and the Bridesmaids

On February 5 we will celebrate 40 years since we walked down the aisle, Monica looking great with Bridesmaids and attendants, myself decked out in a...

Ron Hailes

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