Paris Hates Me

I apologise, in advance, to all the Francophiles out there but put quite simply, I hate Paris – or rather, Paris hates me....

Genevieve Frew

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Bitten On The Ass By Stand Up Comedy

As definitely one of the weirdest things I've done in my life, I started doing stand-up comedy here in Brazil last year....

Luke Simmons

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No Speak English

My inability to string 2 words together or construct a legitimate sentence whilst talking to a woman I’m royally attracted to, appears to be my own p...

Jennifer Burke

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Look Ma, no eyebrows

My mother went through hell with her eyebrows. Plucking, numerous depilatory creams, eyebrow pencils, eyebrows dyes were all disasters....

Helen Townsend

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Black bears and golden rules

Although my wife and I were excited about being in the beautiful Sequoia National Park, we were a little nervous spending our first night in "bear country"....

Luke Simmons

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Geez yer money for charity. Irony.

I like charity. I give to charity but like everyone else I hate the harassment of it all. Whether it's on the street or being visually mugged of your...

Paul McDougall

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