Paris Hates Me

I apologise, in advance, to all the Francophiles out there but put quite simply, I hate Paris – or rather, Paris hates me....

Genevieve Frew

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Do Not Say This in Japan

I’d just arrived in Japan and was meeting my host family for the first time. After I’d introduced myself, and they’d introduced themselves, we fell into an awkward silence....

Michael Connell

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thirsty crow story

It was a hot summer’s day. A thirsty crow flew into a village in search of water. The crow flew over the houses, fields, and trees....


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Don't Forget to Knock!

I’d be lying if I said that, as a kid, I didn’t take any joy in my sister’s misfortune. Sure, I chortled when a bee became tangled in her hair and sh...

Andy Thompson

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3D Logic

Back in Ukraine, when we were kids, my friend and I always came up with dubious ideas to keep ourselves entertained....

Daniel Nest

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Happy Days

Her bare feet dance across the soft green grass, her body poised gracefully like a dancer mid pirouette....

Jamie J. Buchanan

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