"Show Me The Poop!"

As parents, we often do things purely on autopilot.

Our kids ask us for something, and we act. Only later, in hindsight, does it dawn upon us just...

Daniel Nest

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The moment Covid 19 became real to me

I remember in early January when Covid was still Corona and in my mind it would soon pass and I would head back to Singapore to work quite soon....

Ron Hailes

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I'm glad I don't have to date anymore.

Dating is hell, time consuming and at times so stressful I felt like getting a cat didn't seem such a ridiculous idea after all. ...

Paul McDougall

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Getting shot at in Brazil

Many years ago, I was on a work-related road trip with my business partner & we decided to break up the return journey by stopping at a seemingly deserted gas station for a coffee....

Juvencio Santos

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The Anti Masker

When it comes to wearing a mask in public to counter COVID-19's nasty challenges, I'm all for it. I don't want to help spread the virus and I certainly don't want to receive a fine....

Luke Simmons

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I Am The Sexiest Man Alive (well, almost)

Earlier this year I was nominated as one of the top twenty sexiest men on the Gold Coast. Which is weird considering I'm not very sexy, and I'm definitely not a top of anything....

Chris Begg

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