BBW Escort

The Fringe Festival is the biggest performing arts festival in the world, and it's right on my doorstep....

Christopher Jordan

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News Flash AC/DC earn $175 for gig

Yes it's true after working for peanuts AC/DC have hit the big time. I guess you are now thinking he has got this wrong , doesn't he mean their ticket price is now $175? It probably is....

Ron Hailes

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Chaos before the Grêmio v Internacional game in Brazil

My wife is from Rio Grande do Sul which has around 11 million passionate football fans who are mad about either Grêmio or Internacional....

Luke Simmons

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Ode to the Australian Huntsman spider

"Huntsman spiders, members of the family Sparassidae, are known by this name because of their speed and mode of hunting. They are total assholes."...

Luke Simmons

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I Am The Sexiest Man Alive (well, almost)

Earlier this year I was nominated as one of the top twenty sexiest men on the Gold Coast. Which is weird considering I'm not very sexy, and I'm definitely not a top of anything....

Chris Begg

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Replacing Sex With a Stiff One

I once had a woman tell me that since her divorce she’d replaced sex with booze, which meant she was now getting trashed once a year....

Jennifer Burke

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