Cool Handling in a Crisis Situation

In June 2018, my wife (Camila) and 2 year old boy returned to Porto Alegre to visit family and friends....

Luke Simmons

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Bastards Charity

I, um ...urgh! caugh ...I used to be a teenager a long time ago, and I was a prick. And my buddies and I made this fake sponsor form for a non-exi...

Christopher Jordan

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That is Not a French Martini

On a recent short cruise from Sydney to Moreton Island with my sister, I encouraged her to try my latest alcohol beverage a French Martini prior to our evening meal on the first day of cruising....

Lorraine Penn

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Uncle Ray

I remember when I was about ten and I had an uncle named Ray who was what I guess you would call a 'small time criminal'....

geoff rawson

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To be the best version of yourself

That phrase has come to me recently…I recalled my eighteenth when I felt myself the most confident. I was in a good shape, involved into the students’ activities, my grades were high....

Citadin du Monde

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The Smile

I used to work in this old junk n stuff shop in Colorado. There were these sounds that came from the back room but I never really paid any attention to them until one day....


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