Relationships stories

Replacing Sex With a Stiff One

I once had a woman tell me that since her divorce she’d replaced sex with booze, which meant she was now getting trashed once a year....

Jennifer Burke

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Nine Months of Rehab

So sometimes I'll go to the chemist & pick myself up a pregnancy test just so people think I have a sex life, or maybe the morning after pill... but not at the same time #awkward...

Jennifer Burke

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Worst first date

When I was around 14, I was feeling happy with myself having snared a date with a pretty girl I'd met....

Luke Simmons

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The Personality Smear

It should be compulsory to regularly test for personality abnormalities; this might help to solve the riddle of the arctic weather conditions that ha...

Jennifer Burke

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Jennifer who showed me no challenge is out of reach - Seven People That Changed My Life 6

I 'met' Jennifer on 4 Jan 1997 while waiting in an office to see if anyone was using it while its normal resident was on leave....

Bill Jarrard

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3 Guys and a Girl

I hear a lot of people when they talk about marriage, say "it's great, I married my best friend". That's great for them, what about me? My best mates already married. ...

Evan Hocking

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