Crime stories

David's Morning

2 nights ago, my buddy, let's call him 'David', came to crash at my place after a show. I passed out about half one, he stayed awake....

Christopher Jordan

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BBW Escort

The Fringe Festival is the biggest performing arts festival in the world, and it's right on my doorstep....

Christopher Jordan

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Bastards Charity

I, um ...urgh! caugh ...I used to be a teenager a long time ago, and I was a prick. And my buddies and I made this fake sponsor form for a non-exi...

Christopher Jordan

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I'll Get a Knife

I was living on the worst street in town. I didn't like it. Horrible things would happen in my block of flats....

Andrew Towers

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I could be Spiderman!

I had just moved into my new place with a friend and the building changed the keys to our fire door lock....


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Flaming Neighbours

As the police were raiding my neighbour’s garage recently, photographing and cataloguing the alleged stolen property, I found myself contemplating al...

Genevieve Frew

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