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The Dream Roll

Welcome to the 1st instalment of the Dream Roll.

I am Richard Colman current World and Paralympic Champion in the 800m.

During my regular instalments of the Dream Roll I will be sharing some of my life experiences, stories and things I have learnt along the way.

Richard Colman


The Dream Roll blog 2 part 2

I am very lucky to be in a wheelchair - as I believe I wouldn’t have had these opportunities otherwise.

But with such a hard schedule it does take a toll on the body, but the good news is that there is so much you can do to give yourself the very best chances.

Richard Colman


The Dream Roll blog 2 part 1

Blog 2 March Madness.

March is always a busy time for Australian athletes and this year is no exception, which is strange because this is a post -Paralympic year where things are meant to be a little bit quieter, but sport has changed.

Due to racing in an international sport, Australian track athletes have two seasons.

Richard Colman


Blog 3 Hanging with the stars in LA Part 1

This was my first visit to the land of the movie stars and my 1st LA Marathon and 1st Marathon this year with my new direction in sport. The first visit to any new city is always met with excitement about what amazing things I will see and how many challenges I will face at a new race. LA was no different.

Richard Colman


The worst party I have ever planned

This happened not long after I have moved to Australia. I was very keen to find friends and also to become a "bronzed Aussie". So, naturally, I have joined a triathlon club. During that time I had to drive for an hour to work and quickly got addicted to Hamish and Andy radio show.

Ana Spoke


A Powerful Phrase

There are some phrases that create a deep visceral reaction inside you whenever they are spoken. Whether a venerable, learned speaker, or from the mouths of babes they can produce an action that circumvents decision and the brain, they take you into autopilot. This story concerns one such phrase.

Andrew Keen