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Our technology rules our lives

I haven't written a story for a couple of months , have I been to busy ,no ideas ,or just plain lazy ....

Ron Hailes

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The Leaf Blower: a Symbol of All That's Wrong With Humanity

You’ll never see a woman using a leaf blower. Women have more sense than to lay their hands on the most obnoxious invention mankind ever dreamt up....

Baz McAlister

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You Have the Right to Remain Terrified!

While driving to work this morning I saw a motorcycle cop, who was winding his way through a traffic jam on the freeway, yelling at people who were using their mobile phones....

Andy Thompson

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New Generation of Technology Users

Have just returned from a weekend, well actually one evening, of babysitting my grandsons’ ages 11 and 8, in Newcastle, Australia. ...

Lorraine Penn

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Online Advertising

When I first started getting adverts online that were tailored to me, I thought, great, this will stop me getting ads for things like bras and protein powder (I'm a skinny man)....

Mark Daniels

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang had nothing on this

There were times in the early days of farm mechanisation that were so ridiculous. I think this is one of them....

Alec Webb

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