Technology stories

Our technology rules our lives

I haven't written a story for a couple of months , have I been to busy ,no ideas ,or just plain lazy .None of the above, I simply stood on my laptop and broke the screen . It would be fair to ask why I didn't just replace it straight away ? Surely I cant live without a laptop.

Ron Hailes


The Leaf Blower: a Symbol of All That's Wrong With Humanity

You’ll never see a woman using a leaf blower. Women have more sense than to lay their hands on the most obnoxious invention mankind ever dreamt up. No, hang on, the leaf blower was clearly invented not by man, but by Satan. In the evening. On the same day he invented meth in the morning and was tripping balls by lunch.

Baz McAlister


You Have the Right to Remain Terrified!

While driving to work this morning I saw a motorcycle cop, who was winding his way through a traffic jam on the freeway, yelling at people who were using their mobile phones. He didn't give them tickets, he just yelled at them. He’d ride up next to a car, shake his head at the driver and then gesture at them to wind the window down.

Andy Thompson


You Say Tomato, I Say Hurry Up

I love embracing new technology. I was especially happy when self-service checkouts were introduced at my local supermarket. As much as I like communicating with the checkout servers as I admire their curved talons and vapid stares, I'm sure I can do my shopping in a more efficient manner.

Andy Thompson


It’s not my damn baby

Staples, you big out of control American office superstore chain you.

Before arriving in the USA, I didn’t know it was possible to combine awful customer service with outrageous platitudes, then deliver the lot without irony.

I wanted to print out my second book for proofing.

Xavier Toby


The Apple Store Head Explosion

Why is the Apple Store still a thing?

All the staff in that same shirt with hipster flourishes like partially shaved hair, knitted bangles and non-prescription glasses. They’re like a really smug cult.

Then there’s really only four things for sale.

Xavier Toby