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September 28, 2012
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A 15hr train journey in the wrong cabin - Part 2

This was getting unbearable. I couldn't move or leave my seat and even if I did, I couldn't be certain that my bag or seat would be there when I returned. Toilet break. I say toilet, it was a large hole in a room. 'Space at last I thought - fuck you China, I'm winning now' I screamed as I danced m



A 15hr train journey in the wrong cabin - Part 1

I was in China and travelling from Jinan to Xian - that's a 15hr train journey (and that's if the train decides to go fast). As I ignored every person in the station staring at me gawp-eyed as if I was wearing a clown outfit and had just shat myself I got on to the train.



A messy night on the Malecon

2002, a barmy night in Havana and I'd just finished up an over-priced Mojito in Hotel Nacional. I looked out over the harbour below and breathed it all in - this was Cuba. I headed down to the Malecon sea wall and with a milk bottle full of rum in my hand and got to know the locals.