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31 Oscar Ramsay Drive, Boambee East, New South Wales, Australia

Born in Kogarah, NSW semi-retired on the North Coast where I am giving back to the community as a mentor, board director, former president of Coffs Harbour Writers Group & turning my life into a book.

December 27, 2012
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That is Not a French Martini

On a recent short cruise from Sydney to Moreton Island with my sister, I encouraged her to try my latest alcohol beverage a French Martini prior to our evening meal on the first day of cruising.

Thankfully she was willing, so I ordered us a French Martini prior to our meal in the magnificent dining room of Carnival Spirit Ship.



It pays to read the signage first

Whilst trying to be the Coffs Harbour local tourist guide for my sister visiting here from Wollongong NSW, we took a drive to the Valley of The Mist, sounds interesting! The website certainly displayed something worth visiting.

To our surprise it had a completely run down entrance signage with another sign “The Funny Farm”.



Falling in Love Missing

The ending of my six year marriage finally arrived with a divorce being granted 13th October, spurred me onto thinking about “was is really love ”.

I can now do the things I really enjoy, like listening to my choice of music turned up loud while relaxing in a bath filled with beautiful relaxing



Revisiting Your Life

Having being part of someone's life for nearly 20 years and finding out that part of your life is over is difficult to pick yourself up and start all over again, but I did!

Although this was a difficult time in my life, I never lost my real self. Having such a wonderful array of connections in



Have You Ever Tried to Change Your Name?

Well, I attempted to change my name from my married name of Mouafi back to my maiden name ‘Lorraine Penn’.

My banking account was a breeze; just showed my birth and current marriage certificate and bingo I now have my new account.

Centrelink was another story. The message that greets you when you walk into the office 'in line or online'.



A Blast From The Past

What an amazing coincidence happened to me recently, when I reconnected with a lady who taught me how to bellydance over an outrageous weekend approximately 20 years ago in a quaint little railway town near Lithgow NSW.

A work colleague and best friend had convinced me that taking time out from



Pain in the butt

Having been awarded a plaque from Safety Institute of Australia for ‘Excellence & Commitment’ in the reduction of Injury and fatality, in recognition of TAFE NSW OHS training strategies, you would think that I take my own ‘safety’ seriously, wrong!



Bottle of Galliano Eased the Problem

It was the early eighties and I was working as an Accountant for a Computer Bureau. Our main clients were the Police and Broadway Credit Unions; we handled their payrolls.

It was during one of these payroll runs when things went haywire with system crash, leaving no alternative then to panic!



Techno-phobic Connected to the Techno Age

What a discovery my husband made recently, by finding a Jawbone Bluetooth ear device that was given to me as a freebie, when I purchased my iPhone 4 two years ago! Yes two years ago! Can you believe it?

Taking on the use of an iPhone 4, sync to other Apple devices, when my previous phone was a basic Nokia mobile wasn't easy for me to master.



Believe it or not!

A Christmas shopping spree with my daughter almost turned into a disaster.

After several hours shopping, we were feeling tired so we headed off to my car. On entering the last section of the shopping centre in sight of the car, my arm was almost ripped from my shoulder and my handbag was gone!



It's Only a Rabbit

1986 was such an exciting time when I decided to take my daughters on a short break from Sydney to Bathurst as being an ideal location to view Halley’s Comet come by Earth.

Excitement abounded on our venture, one daughter had all her camera equipment complete with a tripod and the other just wanted to have fun.



It was just a pencil, but it hurt

It is my Dad's birthday today, 4th September 2013 and he is 91.

I had the pleasure of sharing breakfast with him whilst visiting him from Coffs Harbour.

During our breakfast he started reflecting on some of his early childhood days and one that caught my attention was an episode when he got a



Bathroom Cleaning Frenzy

During a trip to the supermarket I asked my husband to pick up some cleaning agent in the cleaning aisle for our ensuite bathroom.

Being the willing husband, he disappeared up the cleaning aisle and was gone for ages to the point of me having to find him, then all of a sudden he appeared and sai



Holiday Imagination

Taking a holiday can be fun, relaxing and in my case full of imagination.
During a holiday to the Gold Coast with my husband and daughter, who at the time needed a holiday due to her workload.

Our accommodation was a high-rise apartment built very close to other apartments, so close you felt



Sad about the Cat

It is a wet and miserable day in Coffs Harbour today the rain is unyielding.

I felt so sorry for a sales lady who just visited our home to give us a quote for installing new blinds. The preparation for quoting was the easy part, the difficulty is getting my husband to agree with a chosen style, colour and of course price.



Digital Devised Grandsons

It has been a challenging time for me over the past week as the Nanma of two 'iPad, iPhone fanatical' grandsons, aged 12 and 8.

Yes, I agreed to do the grandmotherly thing and come down from my peaceful home in Coffs Harbour to look after my grandsons while my daughter and her husband took a 'kid free holiday' in Singapore.



April Fools Joke on Myself

Today being 1st April, also known as ‘April Fools Day’ where we tend to play jokes on one another.

Well, today I managed to play a pretty concerning joke on myself by applying hair remover cream to my eyes instead of ‘eye cream’. Both products are in similar containers in the same bathroom cabinet draw.



Drink Water Before a Live Interview

Imagine the shock horror feeling I experienced recently whilst being interviewed live on the radio, when all of a sudden my throat just froze due to lack of fluids combined with having to cope with a very nervous radio interviewer, as this was her first live interview.



Adjusting for Your New Country

It is 40 years since my husband immigrated as a qualified Aeronautical Engineer to Australia from Egypt. However at the time of his immigration aeronautical engineering was not a skill in demand.

As a migrant, who suffered a lot as a young man with big ambition, he could not assimilate into the



Your choice to stay angry

You can choose to stay angry, upset and sad, or you can choose to get on with life by facing what has hurt you and be content.

How many of us can do this effectively?

Most people dwell on what makes them unhappy without letting it go and getting on with their existence.



Sydney Transport

Recently I caught a plane to Sydney for a business related educational event. Unfortunately my flight leaving my hometown of Coffs Harbour was delayed 15 minutes due to Mascot Airport having flight allocation issues. Not a problem as I had caught the earlier flight due to the possibility of delays.



My Version of Valentine's Day

Saint Valentine’s Day, commonly know as ‘Valentine’s Day’ or Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated in many countries around the world on 14th February.

The most popular martyr logy associated with Saint Valentine was that he was imprisoned and eventually executed for performing weddings for so



Love, Honour and Respect

It is easy saying that you love someone, especially if you are an affectionate person, but to love, honour and respect them in the way you want to be loved, honoured and respected can be difficult for some people to achieve.

If you are someone with compassion, it is not difficult to show love, b



New Generation of Technology Users

Have just returned from a weekend, well actually one evening, of babysitting my grandsons’ ages 11 and 8, in Newcastle, Australia.

During my visit, it was wonderful to see how my grandsons are using all forms of technology, iPads, iPhones and Smart TV with Wii games of course in a way that most



Good Friends

We all have them 'friends' but how many of these can you call 'good friends'?

These are the ones that you don't have to ring every day, month or perhaps years, but they are your true friends.

They are the friends that you can count on one hand and in some cases just a few fingers of one hand.



Amazing Holiday

Many years ago when I traveled with a shopaholic friend to Singapore via an unplanned stop over in Kuala Lumpur, where apparently there had been a terrorists bombing at the airport earlier. Not something we wanted to know on arrival? Most passengers who were not terminating their flight at Kuala



Medical Emergency Trip to Sydney

Amazing how you can spring into action when faced with an emergency situation as I was earlier this week. My husband needed critical eye surgery in Sydney to save his eyesight. We got the bad news about him requiring immediate surgery on Tuesday afternoon, by Wednesday morning we were booked on 11.



Distance Grandma

Being one of the lucky parents that has the title ‘Grandma’: in my case I am called “Nanma” is a wonderful feeling, knowing that you have had children yourself to enable the status of being a Grandma is so very special.

When I lived in Sydney I could see my two grandsons by just driving 2 hours



Wonder Man

Who and what is a ‘wonder man’ is he real, is he only in my dreams or does he just reside in my head and I wish he were beside me? Or is he actually here with me now?

In my minds eye he has a strong interesting personality, loving, energetic, compassionate, good sense of humor and a conversatio



Father's Day

After relocating from the big smoke of Sydney to the Mid North Coast, Coffs Harbour almost 5 years ago. First day we decided to do some exploring of the local café’s and were fortunate enough to meet our soon to be friends Jenny and Jeff, affectionately known as two J’s.



Understanding Yourself

How many of us really understand and accept ourselves completely, especially when you are dealing with difficult challenges in another person’s personality. Do you think first about the consequences of your reactions then proceed accordingly, or do you act out foolishly?



What legacy will you leave behind

Recently I found myself going over old photos of the family, mainly to get one that related to my first daughter when she was 18 months. Doing this made me realise how the years have flown by.

I can vividly remember where we were in the one that I chose. We were on holidays at a pretty basic apartment block in Coolangatta, Australia.



Forgetful Days

What happens in your brain to make you forget what day it is?

Is your brain inspired enough to know what day it is anyway?

These are all very worthwhile questions to ask yourself or of others, but what is the real reason we, regardless if you are working or semi-retired, forgetting what day i



Another Reason to Celebrate Christmas

As a Christian I know that 25th December, is ‘Christmas Day’, a day of celebrating the birth of Christ, but for me it is also a day to reflect on what transpired 43 years ago, when I gave birth to another daughter, Roanne at 7.25am on Christmas Day 1969.