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Porto Alegre
January 3, 2013
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Brazilian Pegadinha - Out on the town...

When my wife was on holiday she once rang me at home to make sure everything was okay. At this stage, my sister Mari was also staying with us. As I picked up the phone, I thought I'd see whether Maria (my wife) would buy my best impression of Mari.



You Talkin' To Me?

I was walking down the street and, as I stop at the traffic lights, I saw a guy I'd done some business with a while back.

I asked him how we was and he responded nonchalantly without turning to my direction. The lights turned green so we walked across the road and I thought I'd ask him whether another ex-colleague was back in town.



Getting shot at in Brazil

Many years ago, I was on a work-related road trip with my business partner & we decided to break up the return journey by stopping at a seemingly deserted gas station for a coffee.

As we walked back towards our car, we noticed a couple of guys suspiciously looking at us & talking amongst themselves.



Scream, whistle, & blow. Please madam.

Some 20 years ago, back when getting your own phone landline in Brazil was a small luxury, a friend of mine finally bought hers and was wrapped.

I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a little practical joke and called her - probably one of her first phone calls from the new phone!