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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Founder Mindwerx International. Author, professional speaker, university lecturer, corporate trainer in Critical & Creative Thinking and Leading to Make Innovation Happen.

March 2, 2013
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Before I die I want to…

On a flight to Brisbane I watched a number of TED Talks, including the inspiring Candy Chang who shared her story of converting an abandoned house into a blackboard where people finished the phrase ‘Before I die I want to…’.

Then John Hockenberry summed his talk up with ‘A life with intent, li



How Lucky is She? It's only a tumour!

You know the scenario. The 'inspirational' speaker is introduced. She has survived a plane crash, he’s lost 90 KGs and has now climbed Everest, he’s an ex-con who now runs an international social enterprise.

What great stories, with lessons that motivate thousands. They’re set for a long professional speaking career – how lucky are they!



Woo Hoo, It's Monday

Years ago when I actually worked for a living (I like to tell people I’m not a consultant, I’ve just been successfully unemployed for 23 years) I always enjoyed getting in the lift at quitting time on Friday.

As I entered I’d say ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ and others would pipe up with something similar.



Antidisestablishmentarianism - Power of Words

The power of words was one of many lessons my dad taught us as we grew up. Each evening mum would have a 3-course meal for us to enjoy around the dining table (except Saturday which was Sloppy Joes on TV tables watching Disney) and on occasion conversation was devoted to new words.



Brain Break Imagineering - Need an idea? Take a nap!

I’ve always been a visual person, which is why I like the creative thinking skill of Imagineering – imagine what might be and engineer it into reality. So when a Byte Stories email arrived telling me a competition for best liked stories ended in 48 hours, I knew I had to take action.



Tony Buzan, Mind Maps and Multiple Intelligences - Seven People That Changed My Life 7

I first started using Mind Maps in 1988, but it was 1993 when I read The Mind Map book and first learned of Tony, and began the real shift of my focus to Deliberate Creative Thinking.

Then when I introduced Jennifer to Mind Maps to help her study, the passion for Tony’s work took off.



Jennifer who showed me no challenge is out of reach - Seven People That Changed My Life 6

I 'met' Jennifer on 4 Jan 1997 while waiting in an office to see if anyone was using it while its normal resident was on leave. When she arrived I knew it was in use, so I went off and found someplace else to work.

It was day one of a new consulting assignment and shortly after starting I was a



Bill Conway to Dr. Deming - Seven People That Changed My Life 5

Shortly after becoming a senior manager I attended a 6-week residential executive program at the Australian Graduate School of Management. There I heard about Total Quality Management (TQM) and sometime later went to a seminar with Bill Conway, ex-President of Nashua who was talking about the subject.



Edward de Bono’s Serious Creativity - Seven People That Changed My Life 4

In 1986 I was in my first senior management role. Alan had promoted me to manage Admin for the bank’s data processing which as usual I wasn’t qualified to do. This included Finance, HR, 8 Computer Facilities and Computer Security - 9 managers and 200 staff.



Alan encouraged me to get my fingers burnt - Seven People That Changed My Life 3

At 30 I started thinking about getting a serious job and I had the great fortune to meet Alan Findlay a man with a vision for what I might do and the courage to give me a chance. It was 1983, my daughter Kylie was just born, and it was time for my career.



The Girl on the Beach - Seven People That Changed My Life 2

It was summer 1974 around my 21st birthday and I met a girl on the beach at Surfer’s Paradise who would cause me to explore the world with new eyes. I don’t recall her name but in our few hours together we talked about travelling the world and a book she was reading, The Drifters by James Michener.



Seven People That Changed My Life - 1 : My parents and our move to Australia

Parents always have a significant impact on our life’s journey, after all without them we wouldn’t even be here. My parents Bill and Gladys were and are I’m happy to say two of the best.

When I was young they allowed me to explore my world, encouraged me to try new things, to make mistakes and then make amends.



Seven People That Changed My Life

One’s life is in part shaped by people we meet, whether we realize it or not, and in an average lifetime of 25,000 to 30,000 days we will meet a lot of people. Some will have little influence on us, while a few will in some way change our lives.



Real Adventures and Lessons from a young Boy’s Life

As we get older, I’ve just turned 60, we realize if we’re lucky, that much of who we are and have been was formed in younger years. My formative years, years that shaped my values, beliefs, style and much of my personality, were when I was 7-10 living in the North End of Winnipeg Canada and which I



My North End Years

My North End Years

Dark and stark, remote and forbidding Ridden with crime and full of danger So said some, so said many - of my North End

A child, learning to learn and ready to race Arriving in a new world - wide, strange and entrancing Eager to explore, eager to embrace - my North End