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London, United Kingdom
September 28, 2012
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So I decided to go blind for a few months...

I was 14. My mates & I bunked off school, and my mate decided to play hostage. i made a run for the front door, but he'd fucking locked it, so we couldn't even get out, and he hears me trying to leave his house, and comes bounding down the hall way.



Late night skinny dip? Go on then.

Some friends and I decided to take a late night dip in the swimming pool. We were pretty drunk, and it was probably a little bit silly, but mum and dad were away, and it seemed like a funny idea despite the cold.

We get in (eventually) and someone proposes that since we cannot see eachother, we go al fresco!



Michael Jackson lives at my house

Told all my friends at school Michael Jackson lived at the bottom of my garden with bubbles in my shed... and everyone believed me. Granted we were 7 years old, but yeah. Less of a story, more of an anecdote; true nonetheless.



So I was in prison in Bolivia...

NOTE: For those who don't believe this story, read/research "Marching Powder"... this is not a joke!

We paid to get taken in to a real prison, where the inmates show you around (for example, they showed us "Murderers Alleyway"). It's totally illegal, pretty mental, and there are shotguns everywhere.



If you have a better TAG story, I'd like to hear it...

A friend had travelled a long way to come and stay with me for the weekend. We went out to a club one night, chilled out with red wine, and some friends another. Sunday came around, and she had to make the voyage home. I dropped her off at the local station at about 10am, and waited down on the platform with her for the next train.